It is recognized that within Returning Residents family units there may be non-Jamaican spouses and children. Amendments to relevant legislation provide all non-Jamaican spouses with the privileges granted to citizens of Jamaica and provide that children born of Jamaican parents outside of Jamaica may claim the right of citizenship by descent from either parent. Non-Jamaican spouses may therefore enjoy the concessions granted to Jamaican nationals.

If the country in which you currently reside has required that you renounce your Jamaican citizenship in order to obtain citizenship in that country, you remain eligible for Returning Residents Status. However, there may be particular questions you wish to resolve in instances where renunciation of Jamaican nationality has taken place or with respect to the status of other family-members. Questions on the procedure to be followed in regularizing your status or the status of spouses or children should be directed to the Ministry of National Security and Justice (See Information Pack Directory for address). Queries may also be directed by mail, telephone or by a personal visit to the Jamaicans Overseas Department or the nearest Jamaican Mission overseas. Every effort will be made to provide prompt answers to your queries.

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