In preparing this Information Pack we have drawn on past experience in dealing with queries from Returning Residents. In addition to the matters covered in detail in the previous sections, there are other points worthy of mention:


Persons who wish to import pets, or other animals, into the country must obtain a Permit from the Veterinary Division of the Ministry of Agriculture prior to importation (see Information Pack Directory for address). Owners of pets should be aware that a fee is chargeable for this service and that certain conditions apply. Other Customs, Quarantine and Veterinary Fees are also applicable.

It should be noted in the case of dogs, that only those which have been born and bred in the United Kingdom may be imported into Jamaica. Certification to this effect must be obtained from the relevant authority in the United Kingdom.


Persons wishing to import plants must first obtain a Permit by making an application in writing to the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer, Ministry of Agriculture. The application should list the name of each plant, the quantities to be imported and the country of origin.


The entry of firearms is prohibited by law, except where permission has been obtained from the Commissioner of Police and the Trade Administrator.


In relation to electrical and electronic equipment for use in Jamaica, please take account of such matters as the specification of the public electricity supply system, the television transmission system, etc.

If you are in any doubt as to the compatibility of an item, you should consult with the supplier or relevant expert. You should be aware, for instance, that Jamaica utilizes the NTSC standard for television transmission, and that the public electricity system supplies 110 volts at 50 cycles.


There are regulations which for the protection of the environment prohibit the importation of certain specified substances. For instance the entry into Jamaica of equipment containing chloroflourocarbons (cfcs) is now prohibited, and equipment such as air-conditioners, refrigerators and freezers for domestic, commercial and motor vehicular use may be affected. Details of prohibited or banned substances and/or goods may be had from the Trade Board.


Returning Residents should also be aware of the possibility that certain goods they may wish to import might require an Import Permit. It is therefore always advisable where doubt exists to clarify the status of a particular item with the Trade Board.


It is anticipated that most people will comply with the various regulations and conditions relating to the concessions and assistance given to Returning Residents. However, there have in the past been a number of cases of abuse of the concessions, and where such instances are discovered the law provides for a number of stiff penalties, including:

Penal Customs Duty
Confiscation of illegally imported items.

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